Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today was somewhat special for me...

17 years ago I swam my last swim meet... I was then 19 years old.

Today, at the young age of 35, I was back in the pool competing against the clock and others from my group age. I felt good... It felt right... It felt like I've never left... Isn't that strange? Somehow, swimming has always been with me, and now I know that it will always be. I do triathlons today, and I LOVE IT, but the water and I have a pretty long relationship... That's SO Cheesy, eh? hehehhehehehehehehehhehehe...

I swam 100m IM (Individual Medley) and did 1:08:49. My seed time was 1:10:00. I was pretty happy with it. I finished 9th on my age group. Not bad for Nationals, right?

Tomorrow is going to be a lot harder, since I will swim 100m Free (I will try to break the 1 min), 50 Backstroke and 6 relays (!). Now I am glad that Monday is a Holiday here in Canada.

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